Review – Planet Urth book #1 (ebook series)

Planet Urth book #1 (ebook series)  by Jennifer and Christopher Martuicc

284 pages [currently free on as of publication]

The world has changed. It’s dangerous, deadly. Inhuman creatures rule the planet. Animals have mutated. The land is hostile. But it’s all I’ve ever known. Hunger. Fear. Panic. Those emotions are my reality. They are my every day. I am Avery, and I am seventeen. My father died a year ago. Since then I’ve been responsible for my eight-year-old sister, June. 

I worry we are the only humans left. 

Humans have been hunted for centuries, to the brink of extinction. I must fight each day to protect my sister. It is the reason I wake, the reason I breathe. But how long can I go on fighting? How long will it be before they find us? 

My thoughts: 

First off, let me start by saying this book starts off a little slow, but I gave it a chance and think you should too. It’s a fairly easy read, which is good sometimes just to get engrossed in the story and not worry too much about fancy verbiage. I will admit there are times I got a bit annoyed with the lack of urgency in the story BUT that being said, it was worth the wait. Book 1 takes you to a whole knew world and really brings the fear and terror of being alone and of the unknown. 

There are characters I wish could be a tad less whiny, but given the situation I wonder if I wouldn’t find myself acting the same way. 

I give this book 3.5 stars out of 5. It’s not the deepest story, but for a good quick read that takes a new spin on other worldly creatures, I recommend it for sure. 

This is a long series from the looks of it (I’m only on book 2 now) but figure for $0.00 why not give it a try guys! 
Stay tuned for more reviews and thighs on all things YA 

Until next time…
Amy Eversley 


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