Sneak Peak – Watcher by Amy Eversley

As some of you may know, I am working on my first Young-Adult series called Watcher, and I’m excited to provide you all with a little sneak peak into the book!  So without further adieu, let me introduce you to Sawyer!
Here’s an excerpt from Watcher Book 1:

I knew I was not alone. They would never leave until every last one of us was gone.

I sat perched on the edge of a rooftop high above the boulevards below. The ruined city, once a place I called home, was now nothing more than a pile of rubble thanks to the Bots and Carbons roaming the streets. Buildings had been torn to pieces leaving gaping holes in those that still stood, uninhabited but for a few survivors. It was not a livable place, not the refuge I’d known ten years ago, but it was my reality now. My eyes scanned the dark metropolis. Quiet and cold as it always was.

I was invisible to those below me, but I saw them. I saw them all thanks to Adam, a scientist with a fascination for Robotics before the war broke out.

“All clear and ready to go, Sawyer?” Sam’s voice startled me as it reverberated through the ear piece.

“Yeah all good.” I clicked on ‘The Eye’ and it blinked to life over my right eye. “I’m turning you off now.”

“Aww come –” My earpiece is muted before he can finish his argument.

Through The Eye, a small glass lens worn over our right eye, we could see up to ten miles away, thanks to Adam. We could detect Bots and Carbons through The Eye because they lit up bright green on the tiny lens. No matter how human-like the Carbons looked, they all had one flaw; a microchip at the base of their skull. They were carbon copies of us, hence the nickname, but despite their obvious human appearance, they were not of us. They’d become the deadliest foe mankind has ever known.

Six Bots marched below me. Their oversized steel frames were hard to miss as they stomped through the city streets looking for survivors. Although they weren’t swift and agile like the Carbons, they were still dangerous and had to be eliminated if we hoped to survive another day.

Another two Bots were a mile away and four more were stationed just past them. The enemy sent them out at will as they were easier to replace, thus saving the Carbons for more important tasks.

The enemy we still did know; an enemy that in ten years had yet to show their face.

I was a part of a team searching the streets of Cytos. Watchers. Together we eliminated any Bots and Carbons that crossed our path. Twelve Bots tonight. Twelve to eliminate. I’d fought more than this at once; twelve was nothing to me.

Standing, the wind pushed me onward but I held steady, waiting for the right moment. My lungs filled with the damp, cool air that surrounded me as my long dark hair, tucked under my hood, threatened to escape, but I pushed it back. I never feared being seen for I was a shadow. I was head-to-toe covered in black, unseen and unheard, even to my own companions.

I checked the line again, mostly out of habit. Then I leaned forward and let gravity take me over the edge. Freefalling ten, twenty, thirty storeys before the belt around my waist tightened. The line tethering me to the building held strong as I glided effortlessly to earth.

I dropped the remaining ten feet. My feet didn’t make a sound as they hit the pavement. Bots could sense human presences, but they hadn’t spotted me. Yet. They walked closer, oblivious as I crouched and hid behind an overturned trashcan. One breath in, I took the gun out of its holster. One breath out, I steadied my aim. I knew exactly where to shoot. One more easy breath and I squeezed the trigger. Once, twice, six shots in all and they were down.




Please let me know what you think! And keep an eye out for more sneak peaks and a special intro into more characters from Watcher.

Until next time…
Amy Eversley


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