Hold onto that feeling… 

As I work on book number two in my Watcher series, I can’t help but reflect on the first, still to be published book (mainly because the two work together…duh).  This is my first novel and the process has been both long and quick all at the same time. It is currently with an editor to be fine tuned before I submit it to any agents or publishers, but I wonder to myself how many people have written a story and just left it to the wayside for fear of the long road ahead to get it published. 

Actually writing the story wasn’t that hard, as funny as it sounds. I had a story to tell and I enjoyed telling it! I didn’t even intend to have it published at first, as my husband always said, “it’s just amazing that you even wrote a book!”  But for me, I didn’t want to just “write a book”,  I soon realized I wanted others to hear it. And so started the long part of my journey. 

Boy am I glad it took so long though…never thought I’d say that. But if I had left the book as it was when I thought it was complete, I never would have created the book I have now. Feedback from other writers, editors and friends helped me shape the book into the best possible story I could create. And even now, at the end stages, I am certain there will be many changes that come back from my editor to adjust the story ever so slightly once again. 

As book two unfolds, I am brought back to the reason I started this. The reason I came up with this crazy idea to write a book. These are the moments we as writers need to hold onto and remember. There will always be ups and downs, but that feeling you get looking back at something you created, that’s what we need to keep us motivated. 

For anyone who hasn’t had a chance, you can check out a sneak peak of book one of Watcher HERE 

Until next time…
Amy Eversley 


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