Allegiant – Movie vs. Book Review

*spoiler alerts (movie and book spoilers)*

Allegiant – Movie vs. Book Review:


This post is meant to compare the third book and third movie of the Divergent series, but fair warning, there will be spoilers throughout.

I was super excited to see this movie as I loved the books first, liked the last two movies and was curious to see where the would go with this one. I realize going in that all book to movie adaptations will have some differences and changes that are necessary to bring it to life, I was able to get over the changes in Insurgent for the sake of a consistent movie. However, this one had me a bit peeved…and I have a bone to pick with Veronica Roth (who coproduced the movies as well). The end of the book stuck with me for a LONG time…anyone who’s read it will know what I mean. It was completely unexpected and not the norm for a YA book…so I was thrilled with the movie adaptations thinking this would be a chance to not end with the “good guy wins and they live happily ever after”. BUT I am sad to say I was disappointed greatly with this. But let’s start with the beginning…

1.  Where the hell was Uriah?! I understood leaving him out of the first movie, he played such a minor part. In the second movie he was introduced and I thought, “yes, their setting it up so he’s in the third movie”…but sadly he’s not!! You see him in the background and that’s about it…

2. Spaceships? Weird pod goopy things? I didn’t like this part either as this was not the same as the book, BUT could get over it based on the fact that they were trying to world build a bit more, fair enough, but wanted to mention it.

3. Peter as the bad guy AGAIN?? How many times are these guys gonna get away with trusting him. In book three Peter kinda smarten ups, but in the movie he goes back to his old ways and turns into the accomplice once again! Why??

4. No romantic innuendos between Matthew and Tris.  This one I was happy about.  Much like Tris in book 2 being unable to touch a gun, they ignored that in the movie and I actually liked that change. Just needed to note it though.

5. Lastly…the reason I am so upset with this movie…Tris does not die at the end!! I knew going in there would be a 4th movie, and assumed it would be like every other 3rd book where they just split it in half. Towards the end I started to realize they were at the end of the movie…and the end of the book. I knew what was coming… BUT it DIDN’T HAPPEN!! She saves the day and LIVES! Wtf Veronica Roth! I respected your books sooooo much because no one else had ended with the main character dying and then Hollywood comes in and is like “yah, we don’t like the ending” and she’s all, “OK no worries, I’ll just remove that part and we’ll pretend it never happened…also I will create a 4th movie even though its impossible for the story to continue seeing as my main character should me DEAD…but meh, that’s minor. I’m sure no one will notice…”. Yah, I noticed.

Over all, if I’d just wanted the movies and never read the books I’d have liked it, but the fact that I didn’t really ruined it for me and I’m now mad at Veronica Roth!!!

Let me know what you think! Am I alone in my anger???

Until next time…

Amy Eversley


12 thoughts on “Allegiant – Movie vs. Book Review

  1. I also read the books before seeing the movies. I was extremely disappointed by Allegiant. I wanted to get up and walk out a couple times, but I wanted to see if it would actually end like the book. The only similarities were the characters and the some of the plot… WHY WOULD VERONICA ROTH DO THIS?!?!?!


  2. Did the Director/Producer ever read Allegiant before they made the movie? Did VR forget what was in the book? Maybe they should have named the movie… Allegiant (Take II)
    What a waste of time.


  3. I have never been so disappointed by a movie! Divergent and Insurgent complied with to underlying story, for the most part, but Allegent bore hardly any resemblance to the book. The spaceships, the camouflaged border between Chicago and the Fringe., Tris’ trip to Providence. What happened to correcting the morally incorrect “founders” by erasing their memories. The book had ethics that made it wonderful. The objection to segregation, the value of memories, fighting for a good cause. One of the most interesting parts of the book was Tobias’ struggle to decide which one of his parents memories he was going to erase. MARCUS WAS NOT EVEN INVOLVED IN THE LEADERSHIP OF THE ALEGENT!!! I also like the decision Peter makes to erase his memories because he feels guilty for the type of person he has been. I also think that Peter’s and Tobias’ interaction after Peter is injected with the memory surum would have added so much needed comedy. I give the movie 2 thumbs down.


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