Dealing with rejection…

In my relatively short time as an author (I’ve been writing for only a year and a half), I’ve already felt the bitter taste of rejection more than once. Some are relatively nice “sorry but your manuscript is just not for us.” Where as others have been rather cringe worthy “this isn’t a book I’d ever pick up off the shelf…” So how do we as writers get over it and keep on keeping on? Here are a few ideas I came up with: 

  1. Allow yourself a little time to have a pity party. The key word there is LITTLE time, not a full month of griping to your best friend every day about how sad you are, woe is me… But we are all human. We do feel the “ouch” every once in a while, so feel free to say “that sucks!” Before you tell yourself to move on. We don’t want robot writers… 
  2. See the positive in the negative. Unless someone regects you with the words “worst story ever!” You can always take something positive out of their rejection. Most agents, publishers and editors will give you a little feedback and explain why they didn’t go for your submission. Try to see the positive portions instead of just dwelling on the negative. 
  3. Be prepared. I am naturally a positive person and always assume things will turn out great, which can sometimes make it extra hard when it doesn’t. Being prepared doesn’t mean you will instantly assume you’ll get rejected, it means having a back up plan and not putting your eggs all in one basket!  Know that there is always another path you can take to success if one door is closed. There is no one road to success, even the great JK Rowlings was rejected more than once! 
  4. Find support. I found this one hard at first. I’d constantly bring my joys and sorrows to my husband, but him not being a writer made it difficult for him to understand. Although he tried to be supportive he often had an “I don’t know what to say” look on his face. I found support through other authors! I was lucky enough to find a writing meet up group in my city, where I am able to meet up with other authors to chat, critique and gripe about twice a month. This has helped a lot. I’ve also found support in random WordPress and Twitter followers! Others who are going through the same thing I am. (Thank you followers).
  5. Lastly, focus on why your writing. I originally didn’t plan to write my books for others to read, I just had a story to tell and started writing. It wasn’t until I got positive feedback from others that the dream of being published popped into my head. So every once and a while I need to sit back and remind myself that it’s not about being published its about telling the story…and if others read it and love it as much as I do then that’s just a bonus!!

So long story short, keep on writing, keep on trying and never give up. As the quote below says, “just because something isn’t happening for you right now, doesn’t mean it will never happen!” 

Wishing you all the best. 

Until next time…
Amy Eversley 


4 thoughts on “Dealing with rejection…

  1. Been there many times! Good idea to write about this. I have found that the publishing industry has gotten much tougher. I worked with agents in the past who told me that after 9/11 nobody wanted to take risks anymore and that most works are rejected unless they can be proven to sell. So, we create our own journeys.


    1. Yes I’ve heard its gotten harder! Given that I haven’t tried for long I can’t say by experience but feels like it! But I’m sure there’s someone out there willing to try, just gotta find them 😉


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