Sneak Peak – CARBON Book 2 of the Watcher Series

Here is a special sneak peak of CARBON! Just remember…if you haven’t read WATCHER there may be some spoilers…but good news. For the entire month of September, WATCHER will be on sale for .99 cents on all ebook platforms. So…now that I’ve warned you enough…

Chapter 1  

The idea that people could move on after they lose someone was a lie; one I’ve kept telling myself over and over again these past few weeks as we sailed from Kuros to the United Isles. Time moved slower, as if it felt my urgency and was mocking me by slowing down every minute, every hour. It left me just enough time to relive every horrible thing I’d endured, every person I lost. All gone, and yet I was expected to move on, to keep going.

It was a lie; I was a lie. And as I spent the last few weeks on this ship with nothing but time, I knew it would never end until my last breath.

My knife flew high in the air, flipping end over end as it came back down, and I caught it, hoping to avoid the blade. My eyes were closed, but I sensed the weight and felt when to grab a hold. Chevy was curled up comfortably at the end of the bed, watching the knife with lazy eyes. The room I lay in was small and stuffy. Two cots pressed against the metal walls, and there was a small porthole near my head. The space smelled of damp mold and was always a little too cold, a constant reminder of the dark ocean we traveled under.

I tossed the knife up again, this time higher and faster. As it fell, there was a click of the door opening, and for only a second, my concentration left me. When I reached for the knife, the blade sliced into my hand, and red blood dripped onto my black pants. I hissed.

“Can you not do that when I’m around?” Max Murray, Commander Murray’s son, grumbled and gave me a lazy glare as he slumped down on the cot across from me. Chevy sprang from my bed and jumped onto Max as his tail wagged happily. “Hey there, silly mutt.” Max scratched Chevy behind the ears, causing the puppy’s back leg to twitch with appreciation.

Within seconds, the bleeding on my hand had already stopped, and I used my shirt to wipe off the blood that had dripped down my palm. The wound had already healed itself and was nothing more than a faint, pink line. No matter how many times I did that, it always amazed me how quickly this new Carbon body healed. “You weren’t in the room when I threw it,” I said to Max while cleaning off the knife. He rolled his eyes at me.

My gaze fell to the small porthole above my bed, drawing me into the deep blue ocean. We hadn’t seen daylight in over two weeks as we traveled underwater to the United Isles. Max and I had to bunk together much to my dismay, but we mostly kept to ourselves. He seemed to enjoy the uncomfortable closeness as he made a point of teasing me daily and pushing every button I had.

Why Murray had sent his only son with me was still a mystery. I knew little about Max, except that he thrilled in making me uncomfortable and was a man of many masks. He was smarter than he led on and always observant, but to be honest, I didn’t care to get to know him; I didn’t need his story. This trip wasn’t about making friends. I had one mission—one job. Rid Coleman of this world by avenging Cytos and all the people Coleman had taken from me.

All I wanted to do was see my revenge to its end. And after that, I didn’t care much about what happened to me; I just wanted it all to be over. The pain, the loss. It overwhelmed me every morning, waking up covered in my sweat from the nightmares that haunted me. If only time would stop torturing me so I could be done with it all.

The ocean depths were so crystal clear blue that I was reminded of him every time I looked out there—Kenzie. Even just thinking his name caused my chest to tense up. The pain was still there, it always would be. But mostly, it was the guilt—that he died and I lived. That Kyle died, and so did Byron. It should’ve been me.

Instinctively, I reached into my pocket and pulled out the small star pendant, the twin to the one I wore around my neck. My vision glazed over before I felt Max’s stare. His eyes met mine and rage flickered across his face for only a second, as if he could sense the pain I felt, but he quickly composed himself as he looked away and kept petting Chevy.

Shoving the pendant in my pocket, I swiftly left the room with a scowl on my face. Chevy followed on my coattails. Sympathy was the last thing I needed from Max. I couldn’t stand the look he gave me when he thought I didn’t notice. The look of pity for what I was and what had happened to me. It made this all feel even more tragic than my own heart constantly conveyed.

Want more? Check out the first three chapters HERE for free!

Carbon will be released on Sept 26 but it’s available for preorder now.

Until next time…

AJ Eversley


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